1. Scissors
For obvious reasons, these should go into your check-in luggage but the power of the humble scissors should not be underestimated. Whether dealing with loose threads or stubborn packaging (don’t you hate those damn plastic tags that bind 2 socks together?), a small pair of scissors presents a myriad of uses and is always nifty to have with you.

Zip lock bags2. Recloseable zip lock bags
On a road trip, keeping your clothes separated by type in clear plastic bags makes it easy for you to grab only what you need for short stays. Zip lock bags are also great to keep wet/dirty clothes in, as well as containing any products that may have leaked from its packaging.

3. Compass
Get a physical one or download an app into your phone; either way, a compass is an often overlooked travel essential, especially for the independent traveller. Even if you plan to taxi your way around, a compass is a useful tool to have if you think the taxi driver is bringing you the wrong way.

4. Your driving licence
Even if you are not planning to drive on your vacation, your driver’s license (if you have one) is useful for entry into nightclubs, casinos and any other places that enforce age restrictions. After all, you really should not be carrying your passport around with you. And in case you think you are way above any age minimum, we have heard of some clubs that turn away 40 year olds just because they do not have their IDs with them. FYI, we recommend the driver’s license over your identity card because it doesn’t have your address on it, plus it costs $25 should you lose it while replacing your identity card will cost you a heftier $60.

5. Anti-bacterial wipes
The last thing you want to catch on a trip is a cold, and anti-bacterial wipes are convenient for wiping down germ-ridden areas such as the airline seat arm-rests, tray tables, hotel room light switches, remote controls etc. Prevent stomach bugs by wiping your hands with the wipes before meals.

6. Shawl
Obviously, this is more for our female audience – a large shawl has a multitude of uses, from keeping you warm to covering your shoulders/head when entering religious sites. It even doubles up as a pillow on long journeys.