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“My friends said I was crazy. Why would anyone need a travel planner for a trip to Thailand? I thought differently. Thailand is so rich in culture and I was too lazy to research; I was pretty confident Curated Travel would be able to come up with a good itinerary that will make my trip worthwhile because I had completed a 16D European trip with them in June 2016. I wanted a holiday that was solely for my kids, 6yrs and 9yrs to enjoy, and thus the itinerary would have to be centred on activities for them.

Choosing Hua Hin was a challenge, but the team at Curated Travel came back with a full day itinerary that was filled with fun and surprises! From Ferris wheels to sheep farms and night markets- we didn’t have enough time! What I appreciated most was Curated Travel would check carefully the dates and timings for the theme parks, night markets etc, and ensured that everything fell into place nicely and that we would not have wasted time travelling and realising that they were closed when we arrived.

The Thai King passed away a week after I had booked and paid for my air tickets. It was a scary period filled with uncertainty. We were worried with the safety of our young kids too. However, with the careful planning of Curated Travel to avoid certain places and stick to the less crowded areas, we came home to Singapore safe and sound. I would whole-heartedly give credit to Curated Travel for it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever had with the children!”

Alexis and Family
Thailand, December 2016