It was our 10th wedding anniversary and hubby wanted a tour of Europe. I specifically wanted to visit only 3 countries and did not want to waste time on a ‘touch and go’ tour package offered by the usual travel agencies. I had to personalise my trip but a 15D holiday will be crazy for me to plan so Maewyn was God-sent. She planned my whirlwind trip to Italy-France-UK and after she had done 80% of the work, we decided to spend 2 days in Dubai on our transit stop in the return leg.

In total we met 3 times and the work she did expanded to a file of 200 pages where she would patiently explain where to go, what to eat and she included many tips on currencies exchange, types of adaptors used in each country, useful words to know, weather and events in each country, and how to get there through meticulous bus numbers and links to metro lines. To maximise the information she had put together, we were offered the use of a tablet for ease of travel (For free!).

Alexis Testimonial Photo final

Hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, tickets to concerts and museums, she would book them and all we needed to do was to show up! Curated Travel’s network was extensive, and the research and efforts put in – you can feel the sincerity of how much they want you to enjoy your vacation.

I am impressed and my next family trip to Taiwan for 8pax will be their next project! Well done to a fantastic SG company!

Alexis and Lawrence
Europe and Dubai, June 2016