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“We just went for THE trip of the year in December 2016 to Finland, and everyone is still reeling from the fun & excitement of it all 3 months after! Of course the number one agenda of the trip was to catch the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), and because we were going all the way to Finland, we wanted to do it all – stay in a glass igloo/ice hotel/log cabin, do all the snow activities like husky sledging/reindeer rides/snowmobiling/snowboarding/Santa’s Village. We did all that and caught the elusive Aurora not once but 3 nights in a row! We have God to thank for the Aurora sightings (tip : we prayed each time before the hunt) but we have Curated Travel to thank for making the trip so stress free and enjoyable. It’s unbelievable but we did not have to google 1,0001 sites to plan the trip ourselves, neither did we have to lift a finger to read through 500 hotels reviews and suss out the cheapest site to book the accommodations, Curated Travel did all that! Being a repeat customer, Curated Travel already knew the kind of accommodation I preferred so I totally trusted them with the selection. The travel planning included dining recommendations (with maps, opening hours, link to site/menu), which was perfect for foodies like us. We could choose exactly where and when we wanted to dine unlike conducted tour groups. For the personalized planning, detailed/flexible itinerary, and activities/dining recommendations provided, we would highly recommend Curated Travel to everyone to plan that magical trip for you!”

Carol and Friends
Finland, December 2016