Shifen_Cass and Mom

“I was planning on a trip to Taipei with my mom but work got in the way of my planning and soon we were closer to the travel date with no clear itinerary in sight. I called on Curated Travel and Maewyn tailored a comprehensive yet laid back itinerary for two women hailing from very different generations. She knew my love for film, nature, street food, and hot springs, and so she made sure to direct us to the places best known for these.

It was a first time to Taiwan for both myself and my mom, so she armed us with a tablet, complete with the pdf travel itinerary, and detailed information from where to find the airport shuttle, to artisan shops. She paired us with a pleasant and knowledgeable driver who took us to Jiufen and Shifen, and detoured to a cat village along the way. Maewyn provides great support, no frills, and is always on hand to answer questions along the way. Thanks, Maewyn!”

Cassandra and Mother
Taiwan, April 2016