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“The husband and I have very different approaches to travel – I like the days as packed as can be, hopefully with outdoor activities and the like, while he prefers a more chill pace, with good food and drink.

When we talked about a road trip to New Zealand, land of many hikes, horseback riding and the like, I was very excited – till the thought of having to sit down, plan the route, book the accommodations and activities and all the other logistic nightmares loomed large.

We love how Curated Travel took into account both our preferences, and planned a trip that worked for us both; with an awesome mix of adventure and sports balanced with a good dose of chill time and luxury. The fact that Mae has herself been to the region more than once really helped, and I appreciate how she convinced the husband that the Hobbiton tour was a “must-do”. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip, for both of us!

It was great not having to think or plan, and to be able to simply wake up each morning on the trip simply looking forward to the day ahead.

Looking forward to our next adventure!”

Jade and Terence
New Zealand, October 2017