“I recently went on a solo trip to Kyoto and Osaka. I have always wanted to travel there but was lazy to do the planning, especially when English is not their first language, and a country notoriously known for its complex train networks. I was glad Curated Travel did all the planning and even provided detailed instructions on how to get to places. It was a fully customised itinerary, based on my preferences and requests. Apart from the sights, I was particularly impressed by the food choices suggested by Curated Travel, all being very popular and of good quality. Being a foodie, I had requested to try a Michelin Star restaurant in Kyoto. Considering the time of year I was travelling, most places were not opened. Curated Travel did the heavy lifting and found one that fit into my itinerary; even helped make a reservation. It was totally worth it and one of the best experiences of the trip. Wished I had more time to see all the sights but would definitely revisit some of those places again. Good job!”

Osaka and Kyoto, January 2019