It goes without saying that photos are integral to any traveller’s holiday. How else are we supposed to show all our Facebook/Instagram friends all the places we have been? For amateur photographers, here are some tips to eschew run-of-the-mill photos for ones that will have your friends green with envy. Take action shots Don’t just… Read More

1. Scissors For obvious reasons, these should go into your check-in luggage but the power of the humble scissors should not be underestimated. Whether dealing with loose threads or stubborn packaging (don’t you hate those damn plastic tags that bind 2 socks together?), a small pair of scissors presents a myriad of uses and is… Read More

1. Time your flight purchase This is the most frequently asked question we get at Curated Travel – how long before our trip should we book our flight? Our advice is 9 months to a year in advance, if you are travelling to a tourist hot spot in peak season e.g. New York over Christmas… Read More