Sri Lanka is a vast, beautiful country with hordes to offer; the tea capital of South Asia has 8 UNESCO Heritage Sites, at least 10 summitable mountains, thrilling wildlife safaris, and a magnificent coastline with sandy beaches galore.
However, it is the location of the Southern Coast that gives the island possibly its most valuable tourist attraction – the blue whales. The meeting of the warmer coastal waters with the colder waters of the continental shelf provide the perfect conditions for krill, the primary diet of blue whales, to feed and grow.

During the months from December to April, blue whales can be seen here in concentrations unlike anywhere else in the world. Some tour operators even allow snorkelling for up close encounters with these 200-ton gentle creatures on their migration path.

In addition, this same period when the waters are warm and calm, is peak to spot other sealife such as sperm whales, pilot whales, spinner dolphins, white risso dolphins, sea turtles, sailfish and marlin.