Testimonial cont

“Going on a solo trip as a female has never been easier! I love going on spontaneous trips even if it means going alone. New Zealand was my first option for a 15-day trip, but the thought of multiple cities, connecting buses and researching on different outdoor activities to be planned into the itinerary sounds tedious. On top of that, I had to squeeze in a beach holiday to fulfill my scuba dive ‘craving’. The best decision I’ve made for this trip was to engage Curated Travel! Everything was meticulously planned, fuss-free and clear instructions were given from one point to another. Everything was tailored to suit my needs and even when I was being paranoid alone in Auckland with news of incoming hurricane, Maewyn remained patient with my random requests of possibly making changes to the trip. Everything was smooth and there were great recommendations on food places around the accommodation. Even my short getaway from Auckland to Samoa was a terrific recommendation from Curated Travel when deciding between Fiji and Samoa. Samoa is less commercialised and fit in with the ‘authentic, raw’ island life i was looking for. And with lesser flights coming from Asia, it is definitely a good stopover from Auckland!

So if you share the same ‘wanderlust’ as me, love exploring more than one place yet hate the hassle of researching and planning a detailed itinerary, you know who to go to!”

New Zealand/Samoa, April 2017